DevOps, Monitoring & Technical Support

A simple DDos is what can easily risk your online business. And this is how it can look like for you from different aspects of wrong decisions:

Step 1. Number of user registrations are increasing. What would you do if you have wrong KPI values? limit user access or extend your cloud environment? And what if your Monitoring Solution does not have Decision Making?

Step 2. With wrong data storage types and architectures, greater amount of traffic could cause database queries execution delays.

Step 3. Server memory and cpu usages are increased, causing significant user timeouts. Software architecture doesn't allow to scale.

Step 4. Backlog queries are increased. No more disk space causing servers to shutdown because of wrong software Architecture patterns.

Your business is shutdown and you still have to pay for increased internet traffic. Wouldn't that be a good time for alerts from your current Monitoring Solution?

And it may take you a few hours to get your Business back online if you still do not have Continues Delivery Process.

Thats's why Devops, Monitoring and Technical support is the one Service in Rogmax.